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TERRASSA is a personal web site created by Manuel Garcia in order to make it easier to access to information about rooms for renting in Terrassa, referring to two flats which are owned by his family, so that it becomes easier to rent individual rooms. If you are looking for a room for student, you will find here individual rooms with lock door, ready for studying, and near the university, the train station, supermarkets and buses.

If you are going to study in UPC Terrassa (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) in Terrassa Campus, and you need a place to stay and study, where you can rest and concentrate without troubles, we can offer you some rooms focused to study, with a good value for money, in two different flats near to each other and near to Terrassa UPC.

You will find above a map with different university buildings of the UPC, UB or UAB: UPC EET, UPC ETSEIAT, UPC CITM (multimedia), UB ESCAC (cinema), UPC FOOT. They are all indicated with an orange circle on the map. And the two buildings where we have the rooms are indicated with a green circle.

Clicking the photos of the two flats you will see them with many details. You have also the time it takes by foot to everyone of the university buildings.

Sant Cosme street

Sant Crispí street

Sant Cosme rooms Sant Crispí rooms

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